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Walaupun lisensinya belum dijual secara resmi, namun crack SoftMaker sudah beredar. Nah, pada hari ini saya akan share langsung saja cracknya. Karena masih dalam tahap evaluasi, jadi cracknya masih terbatas pada TextMaker, PlanMaker, dan Presentations saja. Untuk eM Client belum ada cracknya :( . Nanti kapan - kapan kalau sudah beredar crack / keygen langsung aku share. OK ?!
What's new in SoftMaker Office 2012
NEW: Seamless reading and writing of DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX files (Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010)
NEW: Four built-in Berlitz dictionaries
NEW: New program eM Client for your e-mails, contacts, tasks, and appointments

What's new in TextMaker 2012
NEW: Sidebar for lightning-fast navigation and formatting
NEW: Create styles from text
NEW: AutoFormat for tables
NEW: Cross references
NEW: Template preview in File/New
NEW: Preview of paragraph and character styles
NEW: Automatic functions such as superscripting (2nd, 3rd) and hyperlink detection

What's new in PlanMaker 2012
NEW: Reads and writes XLSX files (Excel 2007 and 2010) faithfully
NEW: Format cells as text
NEW: User-defined number formats are now fully Excel-compatible
NEW: Data consolidation
NEW: Remove duplicate or empty rows
NEW: Convert text to columns
NEW: Working with external references simplified
NEW: Chart sheets
NEW: New chart tpyes "Stock chart" and "Boxplot"

What's new in SoftMaker Presentations 2012
NEW: Reads and writes PPTX files (PowerPoint 2007 and 2010) seamlessly
NEW: Reads and writes password-protected PPT and PPTX files
NEW: Easily copy designs inside a presentation
NEW: Play sounds across slides

New program: SoftMaker eM Client
NEW: Compose, send, and receive e-mails
NEW: Supports all mail servers (IMAP, POP3, SMTP), including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, GMX, and Web.de
NEW: Imports existing e-mail folders from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc.
NEW: Secure S/MIME encryption for e-mails
NEW: Built-in full-text search, categories, global folders, mail rules
NEW: Automatic translation of e-mails to other languages
NEW: Built-in calendar that works locally and with Internet-based calendars
NEW: Synchronizes with Google Calendar and other iCal-based Internet calendars
NEW: Manages all your contacts in folders, categories, as business cards etc.
NEW: Shares and synchronizes your contacts with Gmail

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