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HamCalc v1.3b -- [Windows 95, 98, Me, XP]

HamCalc is a collection of calculators, for radio amateurs, presented as a series of 'Tabbed' pages.

  • Antenna ERP calculations.
  • Attenuator calculations.
  • Audio filter design.
  • Coil Winding.
  • Decibel calculations.
  • Great-Circles map and calculator.
  • HF Filters.
  • HF Antenna Traps.
  • Op-Amps.
  • QRA Locator to Latitude/Longitude (and back).
  • Radio Horizon calculator.
  • Satellite Orbits.
  • Timers.
  • Zener Diodes.
  • Resonance and bandwidth.
  • Metric and other conversions. 
Download HamCalc.zip (File size = 280k)

Most of the calculators are now available in Windows Help-File (.CHM) format..
Download hamcalc_chm.zip (50k)

New Version. Now runs in XP!
ParaPort (v3.0) -- A 32-bit Parallel Port Controller [MS Windows 98se, ME and XP]

ParaPort is a Windows-based program to allow hardware access to the parallel ports, LPT1 and LPT2. It can read 5 inputs (switches etc) connected to the parallel port and send 8 outputs to set individual data lines on the port either high or low.
  • 5 real inputs and 8 real outputs.
  • 7 internal inputs and outputs:
  • Fully programmable with and, or and not logic to provide:
    • latching circuits.
    • complicated combinations of 'logic'.
  • 4 Timers with adjustable time delays between 0 and 65,000 mSec.
  • 4 Counters with adjustable counts between 0 and 999.
  • 5 Event loggers to display messages on screen.
  • 'Sound Event' to trigger a selectable wave file.
  • Built-in adjustable flasher to provide flashing outputs.
  • 8 real time timers programmable to at least the year 2200!
    • Each timer has an separate date and time settings for the 'On' and 'Off' times.
    • Each timer may be set to 'latch' to stay on indefinitely.
  • 8 real time daily repeatable timers with adjustable 'on' period from 1 minute to 23 hours 59 minutes but which cannot cross midnight.
  • Debug option to allow testing of control programs without activating real outputs.

(File size = 547k)    Download ParaPort3.zip

Morsemaker2 (v1.2) -- All versions of 32-bit Windows

MorseMaker is an up-to-date replacement for the Morse Machine shown further down this page. It has been re-written using a different programming language and is now entirely 'stand-alone' requiring no run-time support files. This version also works with Windows XP and can use the soundcard but please note that, unlike its predecessor, it does not split the alphabet into smaller 'learning' blocks and does not incorporate the Morse reader.
  • Speed adjustable from about 6 to 40 w.p.m.
  • Adjustable delay between characters while retaining the correct speed of each character.
  • Generates random groups of letters, numbers or a mixture of the two.
  • Can generate Morse from text typed at the keyboard, pasted or dragged into the window, or 'imported' from a file.
  • Can optionally generate 'Procedural' codes (such as End Message: AR) from text in the window.
  • Punctuation can be included or not.
  • Can send most special Scandinavian 'Accented' letters.
  • Adjustable Morse Tone uses the PC's internal speaker or soundcard. (The sound produced from the soundcard is a little 'harsh' on some systems at the moment).
  • Major settings are saved for the next learning session.
Download MorseMaker2a.zip (File size = 152k)

MorseGen (v1.2) -- All versions of 32-bit Windows

MorseGen converts text into a WAVE file of Morse code. The Tone and Speed are adjustable and the WAVE file can be repeated at a pre-set interval allowing it to be used as a CW Ident for amateur radio applications which require it.
Download MorseGen.zip
(File size = 236k)

Yagi Designer 2.0

  • Yagi Designer 2.0
    Yagi Designer 2.0
The Yagi Designer program was first developed in 1992 on a DEC-Vax 3100 and written in Fortran, and the output was graphed in Mathematica 2.0.  It has since been converted into a DLL with lightning fast speed compiled in the C language.  It was written by a physicist that has always enjoyed dabbling in radio.

Can easily display E-Plane, horizontal radiation pattern,  and H-Plane the vertical radiation patters, as well as to display antenna characteristics, in Gain, F/B ratio and feed point resistance and reactance.

Download Yagi Designer

Antenna Maker

  • Antenna Maker AntMaker.zip
    Antenna Maker AntMaker.zip
A freeware dos program by John Agrelius released in early 90's but still very actual.
It allows to quickly calculate dimensions for Quads antennas, Yagi antenna, Inverted vees antennas as well as J-poles and Traps to extend dipoles band coverage.
Just extract the antmaker.zip file and start the Menu.exe batch file.


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