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  1. Trio Star antenna for 2m in PDF - trio star antenna.rar (470kb)
  2. 9 element YAGI antenna for 2m band
  3. 75m antenna tuner
  4. 16 element YAGI for 20m and 70cm
  5. 70cm vertical antenna
  6. HF antenna tuner
  7. Duplexer filter for 2m and 70cm dual band antenna
  8. 5/8 vertical antenna for 2m
  9. JPOLE for 440 MHz
  10. Super JPOLE antenna
  11. A Feasible Full Sized 40 Meter Beam
  12. A DISCONE antenna project
  13. Logperiodic dipole array
  14. Multi Band Antenna Traps
  15. 6 Element 1255 MHz Yagi for portable ATV use: about.txt, pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4, pic5 

  1. AF power amplifier with TDA 2002
  2. Speech processor with elektret mike
  3. Simple audio preamplif for electret mike
  4. Microphone preamplifier and filter
  5. SSB and CW filter, AF amplifier
  6. Automatic Gain Controll
  7. Mike compresser
 Fox hunting
  1. Fox hunting trcvr control unit with Microhip PIC microcontrollers
  2. 80m fox hunting receiver
 Frequency meter, digital scale
  1. Digital scale with PIC 16F84
  2. Universal frequency counter & voltage meter (link)
  3. Second generation of universal frequency counter & voltage meter (link)
  4. 3.5GHz prescaler (divide by 1000)
  5. CMOS frequency meter
  1. Marker generator with PIC 12C509
  2. Marker generator with PIC 16F84
  3. Tone generator with PIC 16F84
  1. Morse Code Speedometer using the PIC 16F84
  1. RF signal meter with LED
  2. Single chip digital voltmeter with ICL 7129ACPL
  3. Inductance meter
  4. S.W.R. meter
  5. 2400MHz signal source
  6. DVM with ICL7107 - dvm.zip
  1. AM/FM FAX interface :  GIF1 / GIF2 / GIF3 / GIF4 / GIF5GIF6
  2. PC DTMF decoder with M8870 IC :  GIF1 / GIF2 / Decoder program / readme.txt
  3. Universal PTT for digital communications using a sound card
  4. Wide range gate DIP oscillator
  5. Collection of quartz crystal ladder filters by S56AL (link)
  6. RF Calculator for Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program
  7. RF Isolator Uses Differential Amplifiers
  8. Tiny Crystal Oscillator with NC7504M5 single-gate AC logic and LP2980 low-dropout 3.3 volt regulator
  9. Low Distortion Crystal Oscillator
  10. Battery Monitor with PIC16C71
  11. A low-cost high-performance RF-powersensor
 Packet radio
  1. TNC2 -  version by my friend HA8FY (Zsolt) 
  2. 1k2 packet radio modem with FX614 (MX614) - schematic
 Power amplifier
  1. 2m power amplifier by LA0BY/DF9PY
  2. 50MHz power amplifier by JH0WJF
  3. 80m hexfet power amplifier by W7ZOI
  4. High dynamic range RF amplifier
  5. 1296MHz high gain amplifier
  6. 432 MHz kilowatt amplifier by W1QWS
  7. 350W QRO with GK71 for 160-15m
  8. 100W HF linear amplifier with MRF454
  9. One Watt Class-C Amplifier
  10. 10w HF amplifier with KT907
  11. 1w HF QRP
  12. 25w QRO with PL504
  13. 5w QRP with KT907
  14. 13cm power amplifier
  15. Converting a PCS Power Amplifier to 13cm Ham Radio Band
  16. 23cm 40W PA with M57762
  17. 23cm 20W PA with M57762
 Power source
  1. Finesse Voltage Regulator Noise
  2. 13.8V/65A power supply
  3. 1.25-25V/2.5A power supply
  4. 13.6V / 10A power supply
  5. ±0-28V power supply
  6. 13.8 V / 15 A from a PC Power Supply
  7. Car NiCd Charger
  8. 1.2-30V/1.5A variable regulated power supply
 RF Preampliers
  1. Generic High Gain 3 Stage IF amplifier
  2. Front end
  3. TS711A 1st IF amplifier ~ 16dB gain
  4. Wide Band High OIP, low noise amplifier
  5. 6m preamplifier by W1FB
  6. RF preamplifier by VE7GC
  7. 1296MHz GaAs FET Premplifiers
  8. 70cm Preamplifier
  9. Fet preamplifiers for 2m and 70cm
  10. Low noise preamplifier for 23cm
  11. Low noise preamplifier for 50 and 144 MHz
  12. Bandpass Filters
  1. VHF FM receiver with TDA7000
  2. 80m direct conversion receiver by VK1PK
  3. Superhet receiver for 80m band by VK3YE
  4. 3-30 MHz AM receiver
  5. Ramsey 40m receiver
  6. 80m one chip receiver with NE602
  7. Simple 80 or 40m receiver
  1. CMOS RF synthesizer
  2. DDS VFO
  3. 10.1MHz VFO
  4. DDS / PLL based universal synthesizer by S56AL (link)
  5. 144 MHz DDS
  6. HT220 frequency synthesizer by WA4DSY
  7. 3 band VFO (160-80-40m)
  1. 2m FM transceiver  in PDF - 2m.rar (880kb)
  2. 70cm WBFM transceiver for packet radio by YO5CRI in PDF - 70cm.rar (510kb)
  3. (SUPER!) T7F - 70cm FM/FSK transceiver by Holger Eckardt, DF2FQ
  4. Voice Operation with the T7F
  5. User interface for T7F
  6. 19200Bps with the T7F
  7. Schematics and PCB's for T7F
  8. Terminal for programming the T7F
  9. 20m 10W SSB transceiver by JF1OZL
  10. 160m 6W CW transceiver by JF1OZL
  11. 80m 5W CW transceiver by JF1OZL
  12. 80m 10W SSB transceiver by JF1OZL
  13. 70cm QRP SSB transceiver by JF1OZL
  14. Simple 70cm QRP FM transceiver by JF1OZL
  15. Simple 6m CW transceiver by VE7GC
  16. 40m transceiver by K8IQY: GIF1 , GIF2 , GIF3
  17. Pocket sized 20m (or 30m) single band 4W CW transceiver by S56AL (link)
  18. 80m 5W SSB/CW transceiver by S56AL (link)
  19. 6m SSB/CW transceiver by S56AL (link)
  20. 3W FM transmitter
  21. 3 band HF transceiver:
  22. 14 MHz SSB 10mW transceiver by JF1OZL
  23. 3.5MHz SSB 10w transceiver by JF1OZL
  24. 50MHz 10mW handy transceiver by JF1OZL
  25. 430MHz SSB transceiver by JF1OZL
  26. 7MHz CW transceiver with MC3362 by JG1EAD
  27. HF 5 bands SSB-CW transceiver by EI9GQ
  28. 13cm 50mW ATV TRCVR
  29. 23cm 1.5W ATV TRCVR
  30. Low-cost ATV 23cm preamp with CF300
  31. Wideband FM 10GHz transceiver with 30MHz IF
  32. 2.3GHz ATV transceiver
  33. 23cm FM ATV transceiver by S51KQ: pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4
  34. 13cm FM ATV transceiver by ON7IZ: pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4

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